Modern Slavery Statement

As a non-profit organisation, we are a group with an extensive value chain. Our approach is to develop long-term partnerships with suppliers whose policies, values, and culture align with ours.

Way beyond the minimum

As may be expected from a non-profit organisation that mainly collaborates with other non-profits, we strive for much more than minimum employment conditions. was founded to help fight climate change. During our journey, we learned that employment is an important side effect of reforestation.

The increased popularity of offsetting CO₂ in the west has made us aware that this is a very fortunate side effect with the potential to improve the quality of life of many in the bottom 10%. takes this responsibility very seriously when selecting our planting partners and takes full responsibility and accountability for the consequences of negligent behaviour i.e., careless auditing, monitoring and incorrect validation procedures.

Good working conditions undoubtedly include healthcare, a pension fund, annual leave and continued payment in the event of illness. Since tree planting is affected by weather conditions, we ensure that workers receive a full monthly minimum wage, irrespective if the weather prevents planting projects from being carried out. We believe that everyone has the right to sustainable, long-term employment to enable families to develop and provide for themselves.

10 commandments to workers