K U W I . O R G

Straightforward Climate Action

Start with meaningful impact today

Plant trees, grow hope

The climate doesn’t wait for politics. Together with you, we invest in climate-neutral solutions, such as renewable energy, reforestation, and CO2 offsetting.

Thousands of passionate citizens and forward-thinking businesses have joined our mission. But this is just the beginning. With every step we take, we bring the vision of net-zero emissions by 2050 closer.

Our members have collectively


1.2 million trees


950.000 Ton CO₂e

Our work

Focusing on forests, wildlife, and marine life, we are striving for a climate-neutral Earth that coexists harmoniously with nature. CO₂ reduction is not the sole objective.

Since 1970, wildlife populations have decreased by 68% due to human activity. As current inhabitants, we cannot justify our actions to future generations.

Deforestation is the leading cause, but greenwashing poses the most significant threat. Increasingly, complex old-growth forests are being replaced by homogeneous forests with easily cultivated species. This disrupts food chains and impoverishes habitats, leading to declining animal populations.

That’s why we go beyond simply planting trees. Creating monocultural forests is not a sustainable solution. Our intention is to restore ecosystems and habitats as effectively as possible through long-term projects and a focus on native species.

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