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De Aar wind project

Project details

De Aar 2 North Wind Farm is a 140 Megawatt Wind Energy Facility located in De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa. It’s operational since november 2017

EPC: Longyuan Engineering South Africa

This project has been verified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

Table of contents

Project location

This project, called “De Aar 2 North Wind Farm”, is located outside the town of De Aar, the main town of Emthanjeni Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province.

Project objectives

A total of 96 wind turbines and supporting infrastructure make up the project. As a result, fewer fossil fuel power plants are required. The result is that during the course of the 10-year credit term, an average of 433,929 t CO2e is saved per year.

Preventing the combustion of fossil fuels will reduce CO2 emissions as well as those of flue gas, coal ash, and oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, which will reduce air pollution.

In terms of the local economy, this project has generated about 9,000 jobs during the construction phase and more than 14,000 jobs during the operation phase.

The operation of the turbines has been scheduled to minimise the impact of the blades on nearby bird and bat populations, based on ongoing monitoring of local numbers. Other measures have also been implemented to lessen the project’s impact on the area’s biodiversity.

A Water Upgrade Project was also established in September 2020 to enhance neighbourhood access to clean water. Local water demands can now be satisfied thanks to this wind project by renovating 5 boreholes!

Additionally, by visiting nearby schools, the mobile clinic has been offering medical care to local kids, lowering illness-related absences and enhancing the quality of education the kids have received. To further benefit the students, the project sponsored local football teams and promotes local sports.

For the benefit of the 9,000 locals, the project’s creators have established a health project. Free health screenings, as well as optometry and dental services, are provided via a mobile clinic. During the Covid-19 epidemic, when the clinic’s medical team conducted over 20,000 health screenings relating to Covid-19, this health service proved to be of great value. 

Onshore Wind Turbines

This project follows the Project Drawdown conduct, research, insights, and analysis as a core theme in the project development. The climate solutions for this project is Onshore Wind Turbines

Sustainable Development Goals

When allocating our members’ funds, we’re committed to aiding in the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Below are the SDGs acknowledged for this project.

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